3Chi 8Balls are bite-sized, and chewy edibles for anyone hoping to start with a lower dose

Similar to opioids, cannabinoids produce their effects by interacting with specific receptors, located within different parts of the central nervous system. Simply put, cannabinoids regulate how cells communicate – how they send, receive, or process messages.

Why are 3Chi 8Ball candies so useful? 8Balls are bite-sized, and chewy edibles for anyone hoping to start with a lower dose and work up as needed. Or, if you know your tolerance is low, a single one bite might be all you need for a great delta 8 experience. 

8Balls are tasty fruity candies similar in flavor and texture to the rainbow bites – already extremely popular. Each contains 8mg of delta 8 THC, making them smaller and lower in potency than any other 3Chi edible product. 

3Chi Delta 8balls have all the flavor and taste of your favorite candy from your childhood. They contain 8mg ∆8THC per candy piece. Available in packs of 5 and 25.


You have two options for purchasing THC-lite, take a chance and buy local, or go online and open a whole new world of different brands and product options. Here are the advantages of choosing the Delta 8 Store over these neighborhood spots.


You might think it’s easier and faster to go to a nearby location, such as the gas station down the road or behind the counter with cigarettes at the convenience store. However, you can get three-day shipping on fresh products from top brands when buying delta 8 online.

Yes, delta 8 is available nearby, but you won’t see a large selection of pre-rolls, oils, and edibles at these stops. Additionally, there’s nothing discreet about your purchases. Buy online for a delivery that won’t let the entire town know your business.

Don’t play games with a local shop that focuses on tobacco, cannabis, and hemp products. Choose theDelta 8 Store for a better overall shopping experience with more options and a 100% focus on hemp. In addition, there’s no need to worry about what states is delta 8 legal, reputable brands and sales locations stay up-to-date on shipping laws for you. Buy delta 8 online and enjoy high-quality, third-party screened pre-rolls, tinctures, and yummy infused gummies and chocolates.

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