Are Delta-8 products legal in Florida?

  • Delta-8 derived from hemp carrying up to 0.3% THC is legal in Florida
  • You can legally purchase delta-8 products online
  • CBD and delta-10 THC are also legal in Florida
  • You can travel into Florida with delta-8 products in your possession
  • You can use, possess, sell, distribute, and produce delta-8 and its products without fear of penalty or prosecution

Delta is one of over 500 naturally occurring compounds that make up the hemp plant. It has the same chemical formula as delta 9 THC with one exception. Delta 8 binds to the 8th molecule. On the other hand, delta 9 connects to the 9th molecule. This single change makes all the difference in how the compounds affect users.


Yes. Delta 8 legal states allow the sale of the hemp compound because it’s not as potent as delta 9. Many consider it the milder and much safer alternative to delta 9. Additionally, its legal status makes it appealing to people in states without recreational marijuana laws. The most significant difference between the two compounds is delta 8 is a less-intoxicating delta 9, making it a more popular option with consumers. They enjoy the light buzz, uplifting feeling, but are happy


The 2018 Farm Bill passed by Congress and signed into law in December of 2018 legalized all hemp compounds, including delta 8 and 9 THC. However, the regulations limit delta 9 to 0.3% of the total dry weight. While some states are calling this a loophole in the law because it doesn’t cap the percentage of delta 8 THC nor bar the sale of the intoxicating compound.

The law defines hemp as,

“The term ‘hemp’ means the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of that plant, including the seeds thereof and all derivatives, extracts, cannabinoids, isomers, acids, salts, and salts of isomers, whether growing or not, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.”

It’s clear that all cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds in the plant are legal.


Similar to how the compound’s federal status is murky, so are the state-to-state regulations. Several states have restrictions on the sale of delta 8. These regulations are to verify the safety of the products sold. Types of changes that are occurring in the legal market include:

  • Restricts sales to people 21 and older
  • Requires warnings on the packaging about driving under the influence
  • Requires third-party lab testing
  • Limits purchase locations (Such as behind the counter like nicotine products)

The states that are restricting sales include:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Delaware
  • Montana
  • New York
  • Idaho
  • Kentucky
  • Colorado
  • Mississippi
  • Vermont
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah

Just like CBD and cannabis, these laws are sure to change as more data becomes available. Lawmakers and other experts understand both sides of these decisions. Rep. Yousef Rabhi in Michigan, a state reviewing regulations on the compound, explains,

“We know that banning these substances is not the best way to keep the public safe. But we also know that these psychoactive compounds are currently being sold with no public health standards to anyone, regardless of age.”

The representative can see that a happy medium is necessary for everyone, from the consumers to the farmers, producers, and sellers.

Where to buy Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC products?

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