Delta 8 THC: Why Consumers are Clearing Online

You may have noticed delta 8 THC is seemingly everywhere. However, the hemp compound (not marijuana) is piquing consumer’s interest. The all-natural plant extract promises an incredible euphoria without the sluggishness of CBD or the paranoia that comes with too much delta 9 THC.

Delta 8 Isn’t CBD
Many people see CBD as hemp. However, cannabidiol is only one compound found on the plant. Hemp contains over 500 naturally occurring chemical compounds. Many have similar effects to CBD. A few offer a response much like THC. However, although the two phytocannabinoids have the same chemical composition, they don’t share the same effects.

Delta 8 THC won’t make you sleepy. But it will improve your mood. Many consumers report a boost in happiness and case of giggles. Additionally, users report having an increase in energy, clarity, and focus.

Delta 8 THC isn’t Delta 9 THC
Another common misunderstanding is that delta 8 is the same as delta 9. While they share similarities, delta 8 isn’t as strong as delta 9. For regular cannabis users, that’s not very appealing. However, for the millions of other people throughout the country that haven’t used the plant compounds or find delta 9 too intoxicating, delta 8 is perfect. Nonetheless, it’s still slightly intoxicating. Consumers shouldn’t operate a vehicle or heavy machinery after using delta 8. Additionally, it’s not intended for people under 21 or pregnant and breastfeeding individuals.

The Slightly Intoxicating Compound is Legal
One more difference between delta 8 and 9 you’ll like—delta 8 is federally legal. Delta 9 isn’t, which is why you can go online and order premium delta 8 tinctures, infused flowers, gummies, and capsules. When Congress legalized hemp in 2018, the law removed all compounds found in the plant from the narcotics list where marijuana is stuck. So the only mention of delta in the legalization is the 0.3% legal limit for delta 9 THC.

Delta 8 THC is Easy to Use
One thing delta 8 shares with CBD and delta 9 is the ease of use. For example, you can smoke or vape the infused flowers, vaporize oils, or try tinctures, which are a few drops of oil under your tongue. These methods all offer a near-instant body response. However, that’s not all. For a longer-lasting product, consider delta-8 edibles or capsules. These have a four- to six-hour duration, rather than the 45-90 minutes with smoking or vaping. Additionally, the tincture does have longer-lasting effects if used under the tongue and not orally. All product onset and duration times will vary a little between consumers.

If you didn’t jump on the CBD train when it hit the market hard and fast in 2018, It’s understandable. The relaxing compound that might improve sleep and reduce stress levels isn’t for everyone. However, now’s the time to give the more potent, slightly intoxicating delta 8 THC phytocannabinoid a chance. Check out all the different delta 8 options at the delta 8 Store and stock up on your favorites!

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