Hey Fellow! Hey Mellow! Hey Mellow Fellow!

“Yes, yes, yes! I know! You wil think I’m crazy, because I love Mellow Fellow, but I’m not. The thing is – this product taste great, from edibles, gummies, to vapes! It’s just done the way it should be. The quality is amazing! I’m telling you. And delta8store.com has everything Mellow Fellow you need! Most awesome online shop ever!

Knowledgeable team working at the shop! They will help you to make correct decision! I made a decision one day to find a good vape for myself and my boyfriend. Upon giving it further thought I realized that I couldn’t just browse the internet into aperfict vape, I needed someone to talk to me and guide me! After reading wonderful reviews about this spot, delta8store.com, I send them a message. I got amazing help from thestuff working there. They were courteous, not pushy and super informative, wat the end Mellow Fellow was my choice! You have to try it! And now I’m relaxed & informative!” Tania S.

Mellow Fellow vape cartridges are responsibly formulated using only two ingredients, 100% all-natural premium cannabis oils and STRAIN SPECIFIC cannabis derived terpenes. We will never cut or dilute our cartridges.

Mellow Fellow Terpenes are extracted via distillation of strain specific cannabis live resin and shatter. If you don’t think these are the best cartridges you’ve ever had, we’ll give you your money back.

The quality of our product and well-being of our customers is our #1 priority.


THC-O acetate is a synthetic cannabinoid derived from hemp.

THC-O is known as the “psychedelic cannabinoid” due to its intense psychoactive properties. THC-O has a longer onset time and is known to be 300% stronger than conventional THC.

Our THC-O oils are produced from hemp, legally and responsibly by PhD chemists, testing at over 95% with the rest being cannabinoid minors.

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