How to use your new Eyce Spoon pipe?

Photo: Eyce Spoon

Eyce Spoon pipe is often the pipe many smokers purchase when starting to smoke pipes. The Eyce Spoon consists of the glass bowl, a carb, a stem, and a mouthpiece. The first step to using your silicone spoon pipe is packing the bowl with dry plant material. Impatient smokers tend to stuff the glass bowl with a chunk of material. But, for a smooth, even burning experience, we recommend breaking down the plant material with a grinder prior to packing the glass bowl. 

When filling the bowl, make sure not to pack the dry material too tightly or too loosely. Ideally, the bowl should be packed tightly enough to keep the material together, but loose enough to allow airflow.

When you’re ready to use your Eyce Spoon smoking pipe, place your finger over the carb. The carb is the hole on the side of the pipe, next to the glass bowl. Make sure you’re holding the pipe in a way that will allow you to remove your finger from the carb while smoking. Using a lighter, ignite the plant material in your bowl while simultaneously inhaling through the mouthpiece. If you don’t inhale while lighting you run the risk of burning your finger and not the plant material.

As a first timer, you should not inhale too hard, instead take a light and easy drag; to get a feel for the Eyce Spoon pipe. As you inhale, the pipe itself fills with smoke. To release the smoke, simply remove your one finger from the carb while continuously completing your inhale. Once the carb is “open”, smoke will rush into your lungs much quicker than when the carb was covered. You may want to inhale slower once you “open” the carb. Repeat this process until you are satisfied, or the plant material has burnt out.

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