Introducing Mellow Fellow Products: Highest-quality hemp-derived options on the market


Mellow Fellow Products is proud to bring you the best, highest-quality hemp-derived options on the market. In addition to providing clients with a great source of Delta-8, they are also passionate about science – our products are formulated by pharmacists who are intricately concerned with finding specific blends of beneficial cannabinoids, with our customers’ ultimate wellness in mind. 

The Mellow Fellow brand aims to be your go-to destination for trusted PhD chemist-derived premium extracts. Their mission is to offer safe, pure, effective and lab-tested products. Keep reading as we detail our brand, our products, and our love for Delta-8. 

Delta-8: The Future of Cannabis

There are several reasons for this cannabinoid’s sudden rise in popularity. Firstly, consumers are excited about the compound’s potential. The other major reason for the excitement is that Delta-8 is federally legal under the Farm Bill enacted in 2018 – which means that more people around the country now have greater access.

Mellow Fellow Delta-8 Products

Mellow Fellow is offering Delta-8 products guaranteed to satisfy your hemp needs. Below are our current selections: 


All-natural tinctures are intended for those who may be averse to vaping. They’re ideal for discrete, daily on-the-go consumption; carefully formulated by our pharmacist and PhD chemist. 


Delicious edibles are made with precise dosages using our dosing machines, so you can be sure of what you’re consuming. Products such as our Watermelon Flavored Gummies and Sour Gummy Worms are perfect for those with a sweet tooth.


The coolest thing about our Mellow Fellow dabs (besides the all-natural Delta-8 goodness) is that YOU get to choose the mixer! Our dabs come with a choice between CBG sauce or cannabis-derived terpenes for an explosion of flavor. For best results, be sure to dab at low temperatures. 


Looking to add some extra zest to your joints, bowl packs or bong loads? Look no further than our excellent Delta-8 syringes, and choose to add flavor from such strains as Blueberry, Wedding Cake, Gelato, Purple Punch, Cherry Pie, Zkittlez, Pineapple Express, and OG Kush. 

Gel Capsules

Our gel capsules are another great option for those that may not enjoy smoking or vaping their cannabis products. We recommend taking 1 capsule every 6-8 hours for optimal results. 


We proudly offer high-quality flower sourced from our farms and other farms that meet our rigorous standards. Bulk flower also available!

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