MoonWLKR Strawnana Premium Delta 8 THC disposable

MoonWLKR Strawnana Premium Delta 8 THC disposable introduces you to a unique flavor profile you won’t find anywhere else. Each puff offers sweet hints of strawberry that twirl in harmony with savory banana undertones. The relaxing head and body effects are immediate, while the melodious Strawnana flavor lingers for an unmatched Delta 8 Disposable experience.

This e-liquid features a delicious blend of sweet and smooth banana and summer strawberries. Strawnana is a juicy blend that will stay fresh all day long.

Summer strawberries make a spectacular impact in this combination! Treat yourself to a truly magnificent blend that will delight your taste buds with the one and only Strawnana from MoonWLKR!

Use a USB C cable to recharge your disposable vape.

Where Can You Get Delta-8 THC?
You should acquire these products only from reputable retailers and ensure they are properly sealed and stored and that their labels are accurate before purchase. has a full array of high quality authenticated delta 8 products for casual users and cannabis enthusiasts alike. Check out our collection.

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